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Advertising Company in Kolkata: Print Media

Advertising is an important aspect of business in today's world. Print media is a major impact on our lives.

Print Media

People in Kolkata start their days by reading the newspaper (which is print media).

Print media refers to printed publications as a medium of mass communication. Magazines, newspapers, books, circulars, journals, pamphlets, and periodicals are all included. Print media is an essential component of the marketing mix, and engaging in it will help companies engage their target markets and expand their scope to potential customers.

As a result, you have a better understanding of how the media affects one's life. It's not easy to do both, so it's recommended that you hire an advertising company. Advertising companies in Kolkata will assist you in getting your products and services in front of as many people as possible.

Brochure and catalogue:

With its expert and creative team, Rinfotech provides well designed brochures which maximum reader visibility and incite viewer responsiveness. Our catalogues are iteratively designed to provide substantial information using a reader friendly approach. Our team of writers and graphic designers work on reader psychology and select color combinations to provide a smooth reading experience. We work on innovations in page softness, spatial design, chromatography and reader demographics, so that the page content is beautifully fabricated.

E-invitation & wish card:

Invitations to formal events and gatherings ensure that you stay in touch with your present and prospective client base. These act like a business signature. Our creative team of graphic designers ensure that your company events look compelling enough to the guests invited. We also design wish cards wherein we create emotional jingles between you and your client. We provide some of the most beautifully designed invitation and wish cards.

Leaflet & pamphlet:

A leaflet works as an effective way to disseminate most crucial information to the targeted users. Our leaflet designers ensure information is presented in a concise manner. Pamphlets are used to advertise business mission and range of product or services to informed citizens. We take utmost care to ensure both business entities and clients benefit by scanning our leaflets and pamphlets.

Logo design:

A picture speaks a thousand words. We understand that and hire creative logo designers who combine artistic and technical acumen to design a logo that truly represents your business purpose. Customers can select from a range of logo designs or design templates using our interface. We ensure that the finalised logo meets your business aspirations and goals.

Banner & Flex:

We provide PVC flex banner designs so that your business statement can be effectively highlighted, with creativity and colour. Based on their preference, clients can choose from among standard or customized shapes and sizes. Clients can scroll the options to select the right banner, meeting their expectations. Our design consultants discuss the overall look before finalising the design.

Hoarding & Poster:

Hoardings and posters provide information to street movers who might be seeking your services. Our posters display concise yet substantial information about your business, using catchy tag lines or illustrations. Clients can select the size most appropriate to creating a lasting impact, by collaborating with our advertising staff. Our team of content curators and graphic experts ensure that the hoardings leave a catchy influence.

Visiting Card & Letterhead:

A visiting card helps in representing one’s unique business potential. We provide most cost effective visiting cards. In addition we design attractive letterheads that make your firm look very promising. Our expert team interacts with clientele to design visiting cards and letterheads, so that you get a unique place among clientele.

Social & Web banner:

It is a common trend nowadays to select social media and web banner images. Selecting such images help you easily merge in the competitive marketplace. Our IT team helps to ensure the best social and web banner is chosen, which suits your requirement. So contact us to highlight your unique features or business functions via social media and web banner images.

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